On the Photos page you can do the following, in one handy process:

  • Select a Primary Photo (the picture which will be your main profile photo).
  • Flag photos as Private (only people you select can view these photos). Unflagged photos are considered "Public" (that means they are visible to any site user).
  • Flag photos as "Delete" in order to remove them. Unflagged photos will be kept.

When you click the "Save And Continue" button, all your changes will be saved, and you will be taken to the Interests page.

Please note, all photos must be approved by LoveThing customer services, and will not appear on your profile until we have checked them. This usually takes less than an hour, but in peak times it may take up to 24 hours.

Please also note that Private photos may NOT be x-rated and are still subject to exactly the same Terms and Conditions as your Public photos.


At LoveThing we love full profiles so much, we'll give you FREE CREDITS when you add your first photo to your profile! Credits can be used for additional fun stuff on the site.