Credits allow you to do extra things on the site, to help you get your profile and emails noticed a little bit better. Currently this includes the following:

  • In Things: Add yourself to the In Things bar at the top of the page. This will get tons more people to view your profile!
  • Gifts: Add a Gift to a message that you write. Gifts will catch people's attention so they'll be much more likely to read and reply to your mail!
  • More fun things coming soon!

You can earn credits in a number of ways:

  • Complete your Interests section for the first time.
  • Add a photo for the first time.
  • Fill in your About You profile text for the first time.

There are many more options for getting credits if you click on the "Earning Credits" button:

  • Tell your friends about the site (we'll send emails to anyone you ask us to)
  • Tweet about us.
  • Share us on Facebook.
  • Like us on Facebook.
  • Answer Surveys for us (subject to availability).

Please note that credits are given at our discretion and may be denied or taken away for any reason, but particularly if we think you are abusing the system or spamming. Please check our Terms and Conditions for further details.

Don't forget, it is still 100% free to contact anyone on the site. We don't intend to charge members to use the basic features like Search and Messaging one another!