It's no surprise: having a good photo will make people visit your profile. 

  • If in doubt, go for a head and shoulders shot. Anything else risks being too small in a thumbnail.
  • Make it clear. If your photo is blurry, dark, a group shot, or too small, it's just going to be a waste of pixels. 
  • Selfies - nothing wrong with a selfie or two, especially if you're the best photographer you know. But try to get a couple taken by someone else. It will at least demonstrate you have a friend!
  • Multiple photos. We can't stress this too strongly! One shot will NOT give people a particularly clear impression. Try to find a few different photos. Please, make an effort. You only get one shot at love!
  • Photos are NOT just to show people whether you're attractive or not. Every photo demonstrates something of your personality. You need to show people as much of yourself as you can.
  • SMILE. Just smile. Please! You don't want to look like you're angry or miserable. You're trying to impress people!

Things to avoid. These are photos that users commonly consider to be cliched or uninteresting on profiles:

  • Multiple pictures of you in the same pose, wearing a different top
  • Multiple pictures of you in the same pose, with a slightly different smile
  • Shots of guys standing in front of a car. You'd be surprised how many people don't even own the car they're standing in front of!
  • Avoid photos of you with friends. You want it to be clear whose profile it is, and you'd be surprised how confusing it gets to people who don't know you, trying to guess from photo to photo which person is you.
  • Scenery / art / abstracts / memes / jokes. Unless you do it for a living, nobody wants to see your collection of weird and interesting pictures. Make them all photos of you.
  • Inaccurate photos. You might think there's only one good shot of you and it's from an angle and in the dark and is ten years old. People want to see the real you and know who they're meeting. They don't want to be left guessing or disappointed when they meet you.
  • Photos on a bed. Please, we're not that kind of site. They just send the wrong message.
  • Shots of your abs/biceps/cleavage. Try to make people like you for who you are, not just a single physical feature you want to flash around the place!