Getting an email right is important. It's the first impression someone's going to get of you, so it has to count.

  • Make it short and upbeat. Not a one-liner or a one-word email. Write a couple of sentences at least. Show people you're making an effort.
  • Don't make TOO much of an effort. Nobody wants your life story or a lecture. A short paragraph will suffice.
  • Be interesting. Ask a question or two. Give them something to come back to you with. Don't just say "I like you, so pleasewrite back". Tell them something interesting about you or pose a question which will at least provide something to talk about.
  • Say something nice. Don't forget, over the internet when people don't know you, they might not know where you're coming from with your "quirky" humour or your "people love me or hate me" attitude to banter. Assume they might not get your humour in an email. Try to be clear what you mean if you're joking about something.
  • Do NOT send a generic copy/paste email. Make it relevant to them. Demonstrate that you actually read their profile rather than just checked out a photo (or worse still, didn't even do that!)

Don’t forget - people may not reply. That's completely their right, and whether we like it or not, that's the way the internet works. So don’t be pushy, and don’t take it personally or get sensitive about it. Just because you think you’re a perfect match, doesn’t mean they have to as well! Just keep moving on and look for someone else.